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Almazy Anabara Recovers a Yellow Diamond

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A branch of ALROSA, Almazy Anabara, found a yellow diamond of 34.17 carats. The branch declared that this is the biggest crude diamond discovered by them this year.

The measurements of the stone are 20.17 x 15.1 x 19.65 millimeters. It was dig out from the alluvial field in the Yakutia region. It is transparent of a bright yellow color. There is a tiny inclusion in its interim zone.

By the end of this month, the gemstone will be sent to Moscow for further examination.

This is not the first colorful gemstone excavated this year. In accordance with the manager of the brand, before they recovered diamonds of more than 10 carats every year on average. So far, this yellow gemstone is the biggest.

The representatives added that they would send the stone for further examination, but he can say with certainty that this bright yellow color is rare and highly valued.

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