Arctic Circle Diamonds Collaborates with Anastacia to Raise Money for Cancer Research

Arctic Circle Diamonds, ethical jewelry brand, became partners with Anastacia to create a limited-edition bracelet range for charity purposes.

The brand will work together with Positive Luxury to design a collection of 100 bracelets that will be available for purchase. The receipt of all funds will go to Cancer Research UK to fund the research of breast cancer.

Anastacia, who beat breast cancer twice, said that she felt really passionate about doing something to help others fight this horrible disease. She added that by donating money, it is possible to raise necessary funds to assist to improve the survival rates.

The singer worked with the brand on the creation of a bracelet that had been decorated with diamonds that were ethically sourced.

The representatives of the brand said they were happy to work with Anastacia and Positive Luxury to raise money for such an important case. Arctic Circle Diamond promotes positive lifestyle with its jewelry. The company used only Fairtrade Silver and Gold.

The collection of bracelets will be available from October 26.