De Beers has partnered with the Singapore Diamond Mint Company (SDM) to provide verification services that confirm the natural origins of diamonds being used for a new investment-grade product.

Under the agreement, the International Institute of Diamond Grading & Research (IIDGR), a subsidiary of De Beers, will inscribe a unique identification number on the tables of each diamond used in the SDM Diamond Bullion, which is listed on the Singapore Diamond Investment Exchange (SDiX).

Once inscribed, the diamond is transferred to the bullion where the IIDGR verifies that it meets the necessary product specifications. Only then is the diamond traded on the exchange.

“The unique inscription that IIDGR places on every diamond inside the diamond bullion allows all of the diamonds to be tracked and verified, providing investors with the highest level of confidence in this revolutionary new diamond investment product,” said Alain Vandenborre, founder and executive chairman of SDiX, and director of SDM.

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