Diamond Trading Platform from Howard Levine

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Howard Levine started a new diamond business enterprise to assist ground-based retailers to sell engagement rings. The platform is called Diamnet. This is an online trading platform developed to target high-quality jewelry retailers.

Once the platform is fully designed, it will be a many-sided trading platform that will assist retailers in finding and collaborating with the best diamond wholesalers, buyers, engravers, and fitters all over the world.

While all the functions of the site are still in the development process, Diamnet has been officially started with its buying software. Today, retailers can find more than 44,000 diamonds on the site.

Diamnet gives buyers an opportunity to find diamonds from the most reliable wholesalers and engravers to have a better choice.

When the platform is fully completed, the ground-based dealers will be able to compete with online traders and raise the sales of engagement rings.

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