Jane Fonda in a $1.75 Million Necklace at the Emmys

Eröffnungsabend der 63. Berlinale

During the 69th Emmys, Jane Fonda impressed everyone not only with her speech against President Donald Trump but also with a kit of jewelry that is cost millions of dollars.

Fonda, who is 79, was wearing a diamond and emerald jewelry estimated at $2.4 million and designed by Gismondi 1754. The necklace had more than 152 carats and was worth $1.75 by itself. It was adorning the back of the actress. The earrings were of 40 carats. Also, Fonda wore an emerald ring of 10 carats.

It took 600 hours and the craftsmanship of 10 jewellers in Italy to create this jewelry kit. The set came from Genoa on the day of the Emmys.

This year, Fonda received a nomination for her part on Grace and Frankie from Netflix. Even though she didn’t win, she impressed everybody with her speech against Donald Trump.

Fonda didn’t pay for her expensive decoration. As it often happens at award shows, designers dress celebrities and the latter can be paid to wear the outfits and accessories to demonstrate them to the public. Such events are used to the jewellers advantage. The fact that Fonda wore the jewelry set made the brand more popular.