John Hardy “Made for Legends” Campaign Starring Julianne Moore

A new collection of jewelry from John Hardy called “Made for Legends” is focused on female self-empowerment. The campaign stars Julianne Moore, a creative director, and Adwoa Aboah, the founder of Gurls Talk. The project aims to empower all women promoting open dialogue about their problems.

According to the CEO of John Hardy, it is an honor for John Hardy to work with these women because they are models for everyone else and inspire women to be courageous.

The collection reflects the Balinese community and all the work they put in to create these beautiful pieces. We should remember where the jewelry comes from and carry this message.

The jewelry is hand-crafted and unique. The campaign also promotes an idea of women purchasing jewelry for themselves rather than waiting for men to gift it to them.

The campaign was inspired by John Hardy’s wife. She inspired the jeweler with her legacy and spirit.

“Made for Legends” was shot last summer. It shows the female individuality and the duality of feminine vulnerability and strength they have.