Forevermark has presented a new collection of elegant and short-cut jewelry pieces for the 2017 holiday season. Every piece of the collection is designed to smoothly mix and match with each other.

The collection is comprised of eight distinguishing styles of diamond stack rings, three chain necklaces with an in-line diamond (in differently shaped facets), and a couple of chain-dropped earrings featuring round and oval diamonds.

The weight of the diamond begins at 0.1 carats. The metal choices include yellow, white, and rose gold.

According to the representatives of the company, the ideas for the collection came from the research they did on women and from learning that both women and men felt that women needed to be celebrated. The different shapes and colors represent various female characteristics.

The brand created a marketing campaign that would run through the 2017 holiday season. There will be TV commercials, print ads, as well as digital and social content.

The TV commercial was filmed in Toronto and featured a cover of the Fatboy Slim song. Print ads will start running in November and will be present in Q4 issues and other publications that target male and female consumers.

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