New Chaine D’ancre Punk Collection from Hermes

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Hermes presented its new Chaine D’ancre Punk collection to the closed circle of customers in Los Angeles. One of the guests was Jeanne Yang who was impressed with the collection. The gold and silver jewelry was exhibited at the Rodeo Drive boutique.

Hermès Punk Jewelry : Beverly Hills

The line reflects a bold rethinking of the classic jewelry items of the brand. The inspiration for the creation of the range was drawn from the equestrian heritage of Hermes and the ship’s anchor chain. The price for the jewelry items ranges between $720 and $156,900.

Pierre Hardy turned the original Chaine D’ancre into a safety pin. This is one of the main punk symbols that has been appearing in many collections since 1970s.


The items displayed with the use of white totems that were inspired by the deconstructed themes in the range. The exhibition will run until October 28. In November, it will be displayed in Houston.

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