New Tove Collection from Hargreaves Stockholm

A fine jewelry brand from Sweden, Hargreaves Stockholm, presented its new line called Tove. The debut of the collection was at London Fashion Week.

The line was invigorated by the rich Scandinavian and Viking heritage. Tove Jansson, the founder of the indicative Moomins characters was the main source of inspiration for the creation of the range.

In the collection, customers will find extravagant rings, scripted earrings, and large pendants. The line features round motifs of Talisman linked with iterant traceries of engraved triangles. The main accent is represented by alexandrite, blue sapphires, and green tourmalines. The pieces are paved with white diamonds.

The studios of the brand are located in London and Stockholm. It gets sources from a certified smelting-house in the UK. Every item of the line is designed with the combination of ecologically produced gold and silver as well as solar, non-mined diamonds and other gemstones. The pieces are packed in recycled packages made of cork that are manufactured by order.

The price for the line’s items starts at £475 for the silver line, £3,225 for the gold line, and £8,115 for the gold and diamond line.