Sale of uniq diamond will take place in early November in Geneva

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Jewelers showed a unique diamond for $ 30 million

Jewelers at Christie’s auction house in Hong Kong are preparing to sell a unique diamond weighing 163 carats.

A precious stone for several weeks in a row will be able to inspect by potential buyers. Then the product will be sold at auction.

The sale will take place in early November in Geneva. The stone is planned to be sold for at least $ 30 million.

We will remind, earlier we wrote that the British designers led by jeweler Steve Bennett presented the “rings of fidelity” equipped with the GPS-system. Microscopic chip, built into the decoration, not only makes it possible to trace the movement of the second half, but also to detect the ring in case of its loss or theft.

The jewel with GPS is presented in two versions – with a purple diamond “marquise” or with a transparent stone “princess”. How much will cost an interested gourmet is not yet reported.

British jeweler Steve Bennett intends to continue to amaze the public with a useful luxury. So, the designer plans to create children’s jewelry with “stuffing”, through which parents can control the child.


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