Satya Jewelry Partners with Kimberly Snyder

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A refined jewelry company, Satya Jewelry, partnered with Kimberly Snyder, who is a wellness expert, to design a new jewelry collection.

Kimberly Snyder is a health activist and the top-selling author at New York Times. Satya Jewelry and Snyder united to design a capsule line of nine pieces. The line is called the Fearless Goddess Collection.

The original jewelry items were invigorated by Duga, the Hindu goddess, who is often referred to as a symbolization of power of women.


Fearless Love Durga necklace for $149
Fearless Love Durga necklace for $149

The line is composed of gold-engraved Buddhist prayer beads, elastic bracelets made of gemstones, necklaces, and other pendants that depict Durga. Gemstones in the line include amethyst, tourmaline, and quartz.

The prices for elastic bracelets start from $59. The cost of amethyst mala is from $149.

Snyder said that the range reflects a connection to love, light, and strength.


Compassionate Strength bracelet for $69
Compassionate Strength bracelet for $69

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