What do Americans’ ghost stories actually tell us?

“Did you just see something in the window?” he asked. She felt a chill.

They saw her only once. That was before Linda Roberts-Antinoro and her husband, Mike Antinoro, had moved into the historic stone house surrounded by sloping hills and a scenic stream.

As they visited the Baltimore County property on a blustery afternoon in January 1990 and stood gazing at the locked and empty home, they noticed a shadowy figure in the window above the front door.

Linda didn’t say anything. Her husband was a New York City firefighter, a no-nonsense type of guy. It’s probably just reflections of trees, Linda told herself. But then Mike turned to her, perplexed: “Did you just see something in the window?” She felt a chill.

During the more than 25 years they lived there, they grew accustomed to the occasional sound of footsteps above them when no one was upstairs, or the inexplicable relocation of a candle from the fireplace mantel to other corners of the room.

And – well, that’s the whole story. Linda and Mike never actually saw their ghost again.

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