Bitcoin transaction is the fastest way to receive payments from Africa

Few weeks ago the author of this letter must decide in which way he will receive few payments for tennis tips from his new clients in Africa.

Skrill and moneybookers don’t work in Nigeria.

Webmoney, Yandex money… the same story… the direct payment by western union was dangerous for some confidential info of my own, so I decided to ask my new clients about bitcoin…

‘How about payments in Bitcoin, guys? What do you think?’

And it was a joke… Payment was about 30 EUR and Nigeria wasn’t looks like a country, where local citizens understand how it’s works, and why it’s so popular.

I was very surprised when the next day my new subscribers paid me via bitcoin. They said me that it’s very easy to find a store, where they can buy coins in a few steps with minimal risks.

Bitcoin is the best way to receive money from your African clients. Trust me.