Cryptocurrencies are still falling down

The most popular cryptocurrencies in the world are still falling down. The owners are quickly move out their $ from the crypto-market.

They started from bitcoins and a little later they started to fall down other coins. In few days market will reach the critical border and than coins will grow again.

This is a typical situation for “bitcoins” when more active users try to bring out newbies and new bitcoin-owners from the market to earn more and more on a fresh fish.

It’s not the fail of bitcoins or BlockChain and it’s not the victory of more traditional investments. It’s a free lesson.

If you haven’t got a lot of money, or if you haven’t got an experience with trading you should invest in art. For nowadays blockchain technology isn’t work in right way, and control of crypto-market today isn’t in right hands.

The market will grow again, the market will be alive, but we will see a lot of new fails. We will have new future with block chain,  but without etherium and without bitcoin.