Korybko: Ahed Tamimi proves there isn’t a third intifada

The viral rise of Ahed Tamimi to international stardom as the Resistance’s latest hero is to a large extent due to the interest that various parties have in diverting attention from the politically inconvenient fact that Hamas’ Third Intifada never really took off.

Ahed Tamimi, the teenage Palestinian activist who became famous for slapping an Israeli soldier, was arrested in a predawn raid on her home last week in a case that’s since attracted considerable international media attention, made even all the more controversial by the Israeli Education Minister’s suggestion that this legal minor serve a life sentence for her supposed crime. Israeli journalist Ben Caspit fanned the flames of outrage by insinuating that she should be raped in the dark as punishment. Both of these individuals’ reactions are utterly reprehensible, and the Resistance Community that’s opposed to Israel’s occupation of Palestine has seized the moment in capitalizing on these comments as proof of the appalling brutality that Palestinians regularly experience. Moreover, it’s natural that they’d hold this girl up as a hero and celebrate her act of defiance, especially considering that Hamas has declared a Third Intifada in response to Trump’s unilateral recognition of the entirety of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and the subsequent killing of Palestinian protesters since that time.

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