Hello, World.

It’s Vsevolod and I am your new editor and owner of the domain. Today I want to change the life of this site and start creating the unique content. We will change the mission and the idea of the site.

We want to create the media where authors write what they know\see\touch or about markets in which they have had experience.

We have started several new columns about IT, startups, digital marketing – actually about the reality around you, not around Zuckerberg or Silicon Valley.

You can change the game and we will show how you can do it.

Right now I want to show you some insights about our media, but before doing that I would like to invite you to our telegram chat @diamondnewschat

So let’s start.

From IT to IT

In this column we would like to tell you the story of the people who want to quit the digital marketing market and who want to be developers. So they left one side of the IT and moved to another… dark side.

So we will post articles, insights, interviews and some other news about backend developers and their lives.

“Yep, it’s true.

I created tens of niche blogs with 1000% ROI. I worked as a CEO, SEO and Growth hacker in the startups (William Hill, Anastasia Date, etc).

But I am tired of manipulating people. Why Ruby? Because it is simple. Ruby is not the most popular developing tool in the world, not the easiest developing tool, but it’s simple and clear. I hope. From today I will try to post at least one post per week about my life as a new Ruby developer.”


Crypto millionaire.


In this column, we will try to earn money in the crypto market. How? Who knows… Maybe we will try to hunt for free tokens (bounty), maybe we will try to trade some, maybe we will mine bitcoins or try to sell articles about the crypto. Doesn’t matter.

Our goal is to show how you can earn cryptocurrency and how you can use it in your daily life.

So we will post articles, insights, interviews and some other news about miners, crypto investors and the life of the market.

Sell yourself.

We live in the era of personalities. We are going to create a social influencer step by step and earn money in different ways.

We will show you where, how, when and how much ($) you will spend\earn in the end.


Business in a week.

Let’s create startups without money (with max. budget around 50$). Just you and the idea. Just a week to receive the first money, just a week to test the business model and get your first client.

It’s our original series but of course we will post the most astonishing news from all over the world. We are always open for the quality articles, new insights and new authors, just write to us at pashaschetchik@gmail.com

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