Garry Vaynerchuk wants to stream his gaming on Twitch. What does it mean?

Today it is a common situation for the modern user when you manage your own profile on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat. From today you will also need to have your own profile on Twitch. Not because of Garry Vaynerchuk. Now you can share essential part of your life with your friends or with the audience that you don’t know – it is your new routine. Today video games are a part of our daily life.

But what is the main goal of Garry’s mission on Twitch? It will be very interesting to see how he has tried to sell himself (and his motivation bits of advice) during the stream.

Twitch hit Youtube and other streaming services. They own “Garry – gamer” when Youtube shows only usual Garry without any modsAt least, Twitch is a popular service not only for geeks, gamers but also for artists, public speakers, celebs. Twitch (actually, streaming) is a part of the modern culture.


Garry might lose in a game, but in the end, he will win. He is the first whom thousands of people ready to watch and listen to him and his bits of advice behind the scenes of LOL, WOW or BattleGrounds or CS. Actually, people who have not followed Garry before are waiting for his performance now. 

Twitch will also win from Garry’s stream. But how will the core-audience of Twitch perceive Garry’s streams? Is the core-audience ready for him and his followers?We have a few questions about Garry’s story on Twitch, you can try to explain us some issues:

  1. Did he make a decision after Drake’s debut on Twitch or before? 
  2. Did Garry make investments in Twitch? 
  3. Can Garry play games?
  4. Which console would he choose for his stream (PC, Xbox, Wii, PS)?
  5. Can Garry force his team to win the first rounds in a random game?