Moscow students robbed of $123.700 meant to buy Bitcoin

Young adults were carrying almost 7 million rubles ($123.700) in a car in Moscow that they were going to use to buy Bitcoin, when they got robbed, RBC was told by the Interior Ministry.

The crime was reported early on January 22. The robbery took place near 6, 1st Sestroretskaya Street.

“It has been established that at 0:15 Moscow Time three unknown persons in a Toyota Land Cruiser blocked the way to a Nissan and, on the pretext of an allegedly committed road accident, forced the driver and two passengers out of the car,” the Interior Ministry said.

The attackers beat the students, took their mobile phones and wristwatches. They stole 6.875.000 rubles in cash from the trunk.

One of the victims is a first-year student at the college of the National Institute of Catherine the Great.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs estimated the damage at approximately 7.950.000 rubles. A robbery case has been instituted (part 3 of Art. 161 of the Criminal Code).