Why Scorum is going to fail?

Scorum will survive and work, but it will not reach success and therefore ambitions will be implemented only on paper. They have already raised money during the ICO  and this money can help them to work during the next 10-20 months after the public release, but what will happen then? Free Falling.

I like Scorum just for their new editor for authors that really helps in embedding statistic photo/data from the Scorum’s datacenter. And that’s all. It is the only one new thing that they created… They haven’t got a lot of chances in the battle with the other sports media.

We forgot about our critical review, but a few days ago the community manager from Scorum enjoyed our telegram chat and we started our discussion.

So. Why Scorum is the new media without future?

To answer this question we spoke with three groups of people:

Owners of the leading CIS sports media
Product managers of the gambling companies
Sports journalists and community managers

Also, we received some comments from the people who worked in the media and who works now in the gambling startups.

“Empty. Project with a lot of problems” @ CEO at Bwin Russia (Dmitry Sergeev)

As a product manager, an editor of sports media, an active sports fan and a CEO of several few sports media startups I made up my own opinion why Scorum would rather fail than grow.

“Yep, Scorum is going to fail”

  1. Modern Media is mostly about the community. Scorum has a community of investors, but they didn’t own their own sports community, they didn’t gather their own sports authors and readers who will read and moderate their content. And this is a real problem because all successful authors are paid by the media. All successful authors have their own content sites and the public. All fans have already joined their own sports sites. So where will Scorum find people who will be ready to read and moderate (not to earn money)?
  2. Scorum doesn’t create anything new for the reader. Scorum doesn’t resolve problems of the modern media and advertisers. So what actually does scorum do?
  3. The process of creating media is more difficult. Readers already have more comfortable and trustable feeds where they get their latest news. So why should average sports fan join scroum?
  4. 10% of users create and moderate content, the other 90% are passive fans.
  5. . Users already earn on the media.
  6. I like the new editor, but this editor is better than others only for some kind (type) of content (articles about tactics with a lot of numbers and statistics). Articles like this are very difficult for the mind of the average fan, and only 1% of the authors use statistics for their publications.
  7. Fantasy Sport with zero commission. No comments… Without gaming licences? Scorum are you kidding me? If you want to work legally, you will need to spend a lot of time for testing your fantasy and betting engine (3-6 months) in front of the special commission and you will need to buy a gaming license that shall be updated every year. But you will receive a lot of problems in the UK, US, Canada, Israel, Russia and other markets without local licenses. A nice joke!

Scorum is not a scam. Scorum is a very successful ICO, a nice try to create media with blockchain inside, but it is not successful sports media.