Why Twitter, Facebook, and Google banned crypto ads? 

In the mind of each user who made the decision to invest money in iso (that scams investors in the end) after the promoted post by Google or Twitter, or Facebook, only the company will be guilty of losing money. This is not the best situation for the public companies.

Google, Twitter, and Facebook will survive without blockchain’s ads in their tools. It is the right way for companies to run away from problems in the future when another big ICO scams thousands of investors.

It is another punch from the market for the ICO niche, but the most painful one has been thrown by themselves… How many ICO scams were there in 2017? About 80%? One very effective and friendly blockchain-project will knock all the pessimism, but now we don’t see who will create it and how.

Our Chief Editor doesn’t see future success of Scorum who raised $11 mln during the ICO. And it’s not only his opinion, it is the common opinion of few media owners from Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine. We will post our article about Scorum soon.

In the CIS countries (Mostly in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus), people who are interested in ICO’s think that the US Government is the only one reason in blocking the crypto-ads at Twitter, Facebook, and Google. What do you think? We want to hear you in the comments.