Apple WWDC 2018. What is happened?

During the Apple WWDC 2018 we were waiting for the new iPhone SE 2, but Apple did present it. What does it mean? Apple understood that it is not the best idea to release iPhone SE 2 not only now, but also in the future. 

At Apple WWDC 2018 the company shared their plans to improve the quality of the IOS and Watch OS and their key apps, such as Apple Finance, FaceTime, Apple Books.

The most interesting news that was released during the WWDC 2018 was the app about Steve Jobs that was created by the Apple fans – you can download it here.

Apple has taken predictable moves:

  1. They added a mobile browser to the iWatch. 
  2. They created a special group chat in FaceTime with unique function when users who speak more often will be more visible.
  3. They updated Apple Books.
  4. Return of the Apple Finance App to the iPad.
  5. Apple new emojii – another big move to the millennials 
  6. They supported special talking app about Steve Jobs (download here).