Celebrities jewellery: Jennifer Lopez shows her “best friends”

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Jennifer Lopez has 72 (!) Million subscribers to Instagram, two children, a new novel and at least two dozen appearances every year. On the latter, she invariably demonstrates the ideal figure and the evening dresses and jewelry that emphasize it, which invariably land the covers of the top fashion and style publications the next morning and are quoted by stars lower in rank.

If the others think the dress is still “too much” at the fitting stage, then Jennifer boldly puts it on – and neither sparkling sequins, nor bold cuts, nor provocative length – already serious accents – will not make J. Lo remove her hand from the jewel box: the singer has never been seen on awards and presentations without the best friends of any girl – Celebrities jewellery. Skeptics shrug their shoulders, but perhaps it’s just a horoscope: the fire sign of Leo suggests Jennifer that it’s worth wearing them exactly to be a real society girl.

Celebrities jewellery

In everyday life: in a certain sense, ring earrings (or “Congo”) have already simply “grown together” with Jennifer – they became her signature line and appeared already at least in the top five of her music videos. Lopez does not put them off in life, showing excellent knowledge in fashion issues: gold is shaded by a beautiful bronze skin tone, the round shape fits perfectly to the singer’s face, and the size of the earrings let her dress casual and not to look “like everyone else”.

Remember the video for the song “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” of 2001, which at that time was a hit of all discos? More often Jennifer can be seen walking with children and a new boyfriend in exactly this image – casual with an admixture of glamour – and the earrings account for the glamorous part.