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Celebrities with best jewelry: Selena Gomez and her new jewelry life

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Nature has endowed Selena with a pretty baby face, thick black hair and plump lips – it seems that this girl does not need no additional jewelry at all. However, after a stormy and all-discussed love affair with Justin Bieber and the subsequent parting, spread no less than the love story between the two artists in the press and on the Internet has arose the need to change the image of the young star to a more “grown-up” one.

After the hit “Love You Like A Love Song” Selena even changed the repertoire: there were more lyrical and “personal” songs, which are not for dancing at a party, but staying at home and thinking about private. Public outings of Gomez became severer, although they did not lose their seductiveness: just mini became maxi, and jewelry allowed to look though still young and fresh, but very “in a secular way.”

Celebrities with best jewelry – Selena Gomez is in!

Millions, and to be precise 132 million people, follow the life of the 25-year-old star in Instagram and find out first what Selena is eating for dinner, where she goes to rest after the concert and, of course, how and where she dresses.

However, despite the contracts and mutually beneficial agreements with the giants of the fashion industry, Gomez dresses quite easily, although it is difficult to reproach her for lack of taste and looking at trends. And yet ordinary Selena looks like a “girl next door” – a lover of shabby jeans, cotton t-shirts and sports hoodies with fashion jewelry. The status of the star is reminded, as always, by brilliant accents in the literal and figurative sense – if you want the same, learn to wear jewelry without a “special reason.”

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