Deadpool – your personal Deadpool against Batman

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Marvel univers includes dozens of superheroes and countless worlds, so there’s countless stories untold about Marvel heroes. And among the others there is one about Deadpool, a rather unconventional superhero. He’s not eager to save the world or even himself from the villains, and he often speaks to the auditory forgetting about the ‘fourth wall’. These things make him an ideal hero for the audience tired of ‘saving the world and whole universe from evil’ type of movies.

The casting for Deadpool part brought Ryan Reynolds to the set, and he perfectly fits the character. The first film was released in 2016 as a fresh take on superhero movies. If you still haven’t seen it the deadpool 2016 download links will help you with that.

And the sequel which came out recently is a great follow-up to the first film. It took the strongest sides of the Deadpool movie and mad them even better! By the way, deadpool 2 download is also available on the torrent trackers.

Both movies are the best examples of action-comedy movies and will leave Deadpool fans delighted. If you’re looking for the deadpool 2016 download or deadpool 2 download you can easily download them with torrent client.

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