Earrings-chandeliers – the old new trend

Earrings-chandeliers were popular in ancient times. Suffice it to recall the Babylonian queen Semiramis, often portrayed with large luxurious earrings – this is the chandeliers or, in other words, the pendants, which are large and long jewelry of intricate shape.
Today, this trend is called new, although with the amendment: it is about returning to fashion the equal earrings.

For some it will seem strange, but in 2017 a fashion for dissymmetrical earrings unexpectedly came. Celebrities from different spheres of public life got out in “unpaired” earrings, or even worn only one earring. The trend turned out to be short-lived, and this spring everything returned to normal.

So, most recently American actress and fashion designer Mary-Kate Olsen appeared in public in earrings-twins. The star chose rather long fashionable golden earrings, which she wore at the annual charity evening Met Gala, which took place in early May. Her sister Ashley, in turn, traditionally excelled and came without jewelry in her ears at all.

The British model Lucy Mecklenburg (BAFTA award ceremony in London), the singer and fashion model Nicole Scherzinger (the red carpet track of the Cannes Film Festival) and the star of the Australian reality show The Bachelor Anna Henry were shown at various festive events in the earrings-chandeliers in the spring of 2018.