Happy Hearts: the first collection of ethical gold Chopard jewelry

The new summer collection of happy Hearts Chopard jewelry is remarkable for the fact that it is made of ethical gold. Spiral rings and bracelets topped with hearts made of mother-of-pearl, onyx and diamonds became the first work of the House after Chopard’s commitment to produce 100% of its watches and jewelry from ethical gold since July 2018.

Chopard has earlier presented a collection created in compliance with all ethical standards. The first regular collection of jewelry from the “right” gold was launched in 2015, in honor of the 60th anniversary of the main prize of the Cannes film festival (the “Golden palm”). Now all Chopard jewelry will be made exclusively from such metal. Fairmined gold is produced in an honest and responsible way in compliance with ethical and environmental standards in several States of Colombia with a special certificate.

In 2018, all watch and jewelry collections will be produced by Chopard exclusively from ethically mined gold.

“We have returned the gold mining industry to a humane aspect – we want to ensure that artel workers have decent working conditions, as well as freedom. Miners, and buyers of jewelry should be able to develop business ethics standards,” the co-President and art Director of Chopard Caroline Scheufele in 2017 explained, presenting the first collection of Ice Cube from Fairmined ethical gold.