Jewelry of celebrities: Emma Watson and her metamorphosis

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After many years of “Potter”, Emma risked completely changing her image and finally cutting off luxurious long hair, to which the strictest contract prohibited to touch throughout the whole time of the filming process of the school of sorcery and its inhabitants.

It turned out fresh and fervent, and the actress did not even have to give up long romantic dresses and elegant jewelry – Emma was seen in such dresses at Oscar parties and for the role of Disney’s Belle in “Beauty and the Beast”. Against the backdrop of Hollywood starlets, miss Watson inevitably stands out – they are used to the locks below the shoulders and the Californian tan, and Emma always looks continently English, but always- elegantly. The same goes for her jewelry- stud earring are playfully sparkling and draw attention to the beautiful neck and a successful haircut, but do not overshadow the glitter of brown eyes and designer dresses.

Jewelry of celebrities A gallery of everyday images of Emma is entirely jeans, leather jacket and voluminous scarves. Some time ago Watson was the face of the British fashion house Burberry and everywhere appeared in trench coats iconic for the brand, which in no way ran counter to her own style – a calm classic coupled with a variable raid of grunge and rock.

Minimalism pleased the actress just when she decided to make a pixie-style haircut- a new image had to select the entire wardrobe and, of course, jewelry.

The choice was elegant silver rings, which do not have to be put off, even if the actress should appear at the court of fashion editors at the next London film premiere immediately after the rehearsal.