Jewelry style of show biz stars

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The style of jewels of the show biz stars vary from the epatage to the common and classic. Let’s look at them more closely.

Famous lady slayer George Clooney prefers to stick to the strict classic. Sometimes his suits are decorated with a few conservative but charming details, such as cufflinks or a tie tack.

British actor Jude Law, repeatedly recognized by different publications as the most stylish man, always looks manly, casually and exquisitely. The only jewelry he usually wears is a stylish and concise watch.

Famous football player David Beckham deserved close attention not only due to his play, but also through his personal style. The recognizable detail of his image is the diamond clove earrings. Another illustrious soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo also often wears clove earrings (however, he prefers silver).

Johnny Depp, known for his bohemian style, has a thing for black pearl, so popular on the island of Tahiti: this stone is present on the actor’s pendant and on one of his rings. It can be assumed that his sympathy comes from the all-loved film cycle “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

Scandalous Marilyn Manson, an idol of the entire generation of rock fans, used to shock with his appearance. The accessories he wears follow this mission: long heavy chains with gothic pendants, many massive skull rings, signet rings with crosses and collars decorated with jewels.

Such style will fit only a few exceptional personalities, but one may think about boldly expressing the individuality and creative spirit.