Krupp’s Diamond and the “Good Jewish Girl”

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Glorious Elizabeth Taylor collected the jewelry pieces all her life. She bought some of them herself. However, more frequently she received them as a present from her favorite men and generous fans of her beauty and talent. Elizabeth’s jewelry collection, remained after her death, consisted of 269 objects.

Krupp’s Diamond and the “Good Jewish Girl”

The star’s favorite (and the most expensive) jewel was a huge diamond ring called Krupp, which she never took off. The 33,19-carat diamond was gifted to the actress by her husband, the actor Richard Burton, on Valentine’s Day in 1968.

He is reported to have bought it at the auction for 300 thousand dollars. Before Elizabeth, it belonged to the wife of the famous German industrialist Alfred Krupp. Taylor herself always told in the interview that during the war many Jews lost their lives at the hands of Krupp (he was the main supplier of weapons for the fascist Germany), which is why his diamond looks especially effective on her, “a good Jewish girl”.

The actress loved her main diamond so much that after her death it was renamed “Elizabeth Taylor Diamond” and became the main intrigue of the NY auction in 2012, where it was sold for $8,8 million. Most of the funding was transferred to the Fund to Fight AIDS. ”I am not the owner but the keeper of these treasures, – Liz loved to say. – And my main treasure will go away with me, as this is my life”…