Paris Hilton nearly lost her engagement ring for $ 2 million in a nightclub

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Paris Hilton nearly lost her engagement ring for $ 2 million in a nightclub.

Paris Hilton, perhaps, has ceased to lead a scandalous way of life and increasingly appears in the secular chronicle, but she couldn’t refuse from night clubs and parties at the same time. The incident occurred at the club on Friday night. Paris managed to lose a ring, which the fiance gave her for the engagement in one of them.

Chris Zylka, the boyfriend of Hilton, turned to the security service when Paris discovered the loss of a ring with a 20-carat diamond worth $ 2 million.

Such an expensive loss greatly upset the party girl, and the staff of the night club immediately began to search. Luckily for Paris, the missing was found in an ice bucket that was on one of the tables, and Hilton finally heaved a sigh of relief. It seems that Paris should still be more careful with such things or do not wear a ring at parties. Hilton explained that the ring is just big and heavy, so the jewelry slipped off her hand as quick as a wink.

We recall, Paris Hilton received a proposal of the hand and heart from the model Chris Zylka in January during the rest in Aspen. Glamorous blonde agreed and got ring with a huge 20-carat diamond from the groom.

Paris told Chris that she really liked her mother’s ring with a “pear” cut diamond. And when Chris came to her, this form was his main requirement. “So the pear-shaped cut arranged both the groom and the bride,” said the jeweler.