ZANU PF’s position on Chiadzwa diamonds

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ZANU PF as a party is surprised that there are determined efforts by the private media to personalize, criminalize and tribalize the mining of diamonds at Chiadzwa. For instance, some private papers have consistently portrayed the role of the Minister of Mines and Mining Development in a most negative and personal manner.Minister Mpofu’s laudable efforts to represent Zimbabwe’s strategic and economic interests in diamonds during the KP meeting in the Tel-Aviv have been reduced tolies by people who are the liars.

Any right thinking person would know that a Cabinet Minister represents the national interest within terms of reference provided by Cabinet. Even Cabinet deliberations on Chiadzwa diamonds have been consistently misrepresented in an effort to sustain this hopeless and disgraceful vilification of a patriotic son of the soil. As ZANU PF we condemn in the strongest terms all the attempts to mislead the public on issues such as the conduct, honour, and achievements of the Minister; the status of Chiadzwa diamonds; and the outcome of the KP meeting in Tel-Aviv in late June 2010.

As a Party we wish to make it clear that the Chiadzwa diamonds are a strategic national asset and one of the achievements of our national land reclamation programme. As a Party we also reject the disgraceful efforts to shift goal posts in the case of Zimbabwe alone when it comes to the licencing and marketing of its diamonds. First, the capacity of this country to provide security and management skills is known all over the world. Murowa and River Ranch diamond mines have already been licenced, while Chiadzwa diamonds and others not in the hands of Anglo-Saxon companies are being denied a licence as they are labeled blood diamonds. How can the same country be so good at providing security and good management in one region and fail completely to do the same in another corner?

Second, efforts are also being made to redefine the meaning of blood diamonds in order to criminalize only those Zimbabwean diamonds which are not in Anglo-Saxonhands.

Third, for the first in the history of the KPC, the view of sponsored conference observers such as Global Witness and Partnership Africa-Canada have been elevated to a level above those of substantive market players.

Even the view of the official KPC monitor, Mr Abbey Chikane, that Zimbabwe has one of the very best security arrangements around Chiadzwa has both been disregarded and used to vilify those constitutionally – derived institutions providing that same security in the diamond mining area.

All these diabolic efforts against Zimbabwe are designed to demoralize the people who are still suffering from illegal sanctions imposed by the Anglo-Saxon countries which were and still are continuing to be against our land reclamation.

ZANU PF wishes to reassure the nation that the diamonds belong as much to all the people of Zimbabwe as any fruits of our reclaimed land.

The proceeds from the sale of the diamonds should go a long way in helping the government to pay its civil servants, meet the food deficit in the country, spruce up its health and education sectors and revive the economy.