67 Killed in Israel Bomb Attacks by Army

The Gaza Health Ministry has raised to 67 the dead from the attacks by Israel , where seven deaths have been registered in the framework of the violence between the parties , which continue with the bombings during the early hours of Thursday when the Israeli Army has reached two new facilities of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), a bank and an intelligence infrastructure.

The Gaza authorities have also estimated the injured at 388 since Monday , while it has specified that among the deceased, 17 were children and 6 women, reports the Palestinian agency WAFA.

On the other hand, a child has died and at least thirty people have been injured this Wednesday in southern Israel, by a rocket launch from the Gaza Strip.

The six-year-old boy has died in the city of Sderot, where seven injured have been registered, while in Ashkelon another twenty affected have been counted, according to ‘The Times of Israel’.

Hamas has announced the launch of another 130 rockets on Israel, which has caused the warning sirens to sound again in Tel Aviv and the areas near the Gaza Strip, information confirmed by the Army on its Twitter profile, in which it has indicated that “Israelis are running to bomb shelters” in the south, center and north of the country.

Among the places where alerts are heard is also Ben Gurion airport, Modiin or other areas further north such as Nazareth.

This rocket launch has occurred after the Israeli Army bombed the Al Shourouk tower , in western Gaza City, which houses media headquarters, shops and residences, according to WAFA. It is the third building bombed by Israel.

Since this Monday, some 1,500 rockets have been launched from the Gaza Strip and the Israeli Army has intercepted between 85 and 90 percent of these, according to Israeli television Channel 12.

For its part, Israel’s security cabinet has planned to intensify its military operations against the Gaza Strip, and the army is targeting Hamas symbols in the territory.

In this context, the Israeli Army has indicated that it attacked “strategic” Hamas buildings on Wednesday night. Specifically, Hamas’s main bank and an intelligence infrastructure.

Likewise, in the city of Lod, also affected by the attacks from the Gaza Strip, where a state of emergency has been declared, there have been new clashes before the curfew that have left at least 20 detainees and two young people injured, according to ‘Haaretz’.

There have also been riots on Wednesday night in other cities such as Acre and Jerusalem, while throughout the Israeli territory the clashes have left 374 detainees , as indicated by the Israel Police after midnight. Given the increase in violence, the Israeli government is considering declaring a state of emergency in more cities, Yedioth reports.

On the other hand, the Palestinian Red Crescent has reported clashes also in the West Bank, where dozens of Palestinians have been injured in front of the Israeli forces. Among them, eleven have been affected by a fire, two of them are in serious condition.

Israel’s Minister of Public Security, Amir Ohana, has indicated that “the attacks by Arabs against Jews, the security forces, the symbols of Judaism and government institutions are heartbreaking” and has stressed that “the violence mixed with hatred must be condemned outright. ”

“No one has the authority to take the law into their own hands,” he added, while Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described the latest events as “intolerable”. “There is no” justification for Arabs lynching Jews or Jews lynching Arabs, “he said.

Netanyahu, according to Israeli media, has called a meeting to assess the situation in Tel Aviv, with the presence of the Minister of Public Security, the Minister of Defense, Benny Gantz, and other authorities.

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