Mangal Critique Two Archbishop Different Religions

Double archiepiscopal session on Sunday night at La Sexta. Two monsignors on TV, in two correlative programs, and we have never seen so much disparity sheltered under the same crucifix.

Gonzo began in his ‘Salvados’ touring towns in Asturias. In the area of ​​Coya, and in that of Santa María del Naranco, he found the congregation on fire.

Houses, buildings, even a town square, which it turns out that the Archbishop of Oviedo, Jesús Sanz Montes , makes very strange real estate maneuvers with them.

Gonzo later moved to Madrid. There she found a humble association of sisters dedicated to feeding needy elderly people. The building in which they live has been sold by this same archbishop. They are thrown out on the street, without resources.

Gonzo traveled again, this time to Barcelona. At 19 Xuclà Street, another brotherhood of missionaries dedicated to helping the homeless have an eviction order because Archbishop Sanz Montes has sold the building to a luxury apartment builder. Treated like squatters, these missionaries – if a miracle doesn’t happen – will end up living among cardboard boxes on some corner.

Gonzo stunned by these outrages, he went to Oviedo to speak with the archbishop. He had to be caught on the street. It reminded me of that scene from the good old days of Évole chasing Juan Cotino through Valencia . The archbishop was slipping away. He walked fast.

Gonzo told him:«You leave sisters who do social work on the street. Where are the six million euros you have earned from the sale of the buildings? ” . And the monsignor quickened his pace and immediately disappeared.

He finished ‘Saved’ and began ‘The Goal’. And there we saw Santiago Agrelo , Archbishop Emeritus of Tangier. Ah! What a different monsignor. Ana Pastor asked him about Morocco, about those migrants risking their lives in the sea, looking for a shore.

And Bishop Agrelo spoke to us of respect. Of love. He begged us journalists, and politicians, to stop using that language of invasion, avalanche, assault “That is a way of criminalizing them, and do not forget that they are the ones who die, not us . ” There was infinite goodness in this monsignor. With sweetness and gentleness, he spoke truths like fists.

” Ah! What a paradoxical archiepiscopal night. Even with both of them wearing a crucifix around their necks, they seemed to be of different religions. Take note Pope Francis .

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