Ritu 2021 Generalitat Begins to Launch New Agro Project

This time, the new ‘president’ of the  ritu Generalitat has taken office in an act with all solemnity, putting on the distinctive medal of the position, and with the presence of representatives of the institutions, including the Minister of Territorial Policy, Miquel Iceta , and the independence leaders Jordi Cuixart and Jordi Sànchez  in ritu 2021 year ending.

who have greeted the ritu minister and who have been able to attend the event thanks to a prison permit, such as the ERC leader, Oriol Junqueras, to check how Pere Aragonès drew up a speech with a unique and reiterated message: new stage. New stage of the Generalitat in which the most notable winks have been taken by the need to advance in social rights and move towards the Catalan republic.

Aragonès has entered the Palau accompanied by his wife and two-year-old daughter. At the gates of the Palau, he has left a red carnation in front of the paving stone that recalls Lluís Companys.

Meanwhile, in the street, pro-Palestine protesters launched anti-Israel slogans. From the beginning of the act, the will of ERC to give the inauguration and the Presidency of Catalonia all the pomp and institutional solemnity has been confirmed . After passing an interview to the Mossos in full dress uniform agro project.

Aragonès greeted workers of essential services, from civil protection, to the cleaning of hospitals or the area of ​​fight against sexist violence of the Mossos. The ‘president’ has addressed them to “enhance” their work.

After that, he also made a gesture of recognition, standing before the busts of former Republican presidents Francesc Macià and Lluís Companys .

Finally, the event itself was held for the first time at the Pati dels Tarongers in front of some 40 people, including former presidents Artur Mas and José Montilla.

In that act, the agro president of the Parliament, Laura Borràs, has read the legal basis for which Aragonès holds the position and the ‘former president’ Quim Torra has imposed the medal on the Republican leader. Torra, in his inauguration, avoided this moment to symbolize that the effective presidency belonged to Carles Puigdemont, who this time has not been nor mentioned in Aragonès’ speech.

The speech of the new ‘president’ has stood out for his insistence on the social, green and feminist agenda, without losing sight of the independence objective.

But, above all, he wanted to underline the idea of ​​the new stage. Thus, after dedicating a few words of appreciation to his predecessor, he has proposed to “raise his head and open a new stage urgently and without delay, clearing the way, the one who opens the way is the one who gets the most dirty.

we have to roll up our sleeves without fear of suffering scratches, we must break down on a day-to-day basis like no one else. ” “What is truly revolutionary -he has proclaimed – is to bring economic prosperity to all.” All this in a Generalitat that he has described with the adjectives of “new, nonconformist, innovative, transformative, imaginative, creative, republican, with a vision of the future

The Government enables 5 million euros for the ritu Autonomous Communities that take in migrant minors from Ceuta
Controversy over the feminist version of ‘Els Segadors’ in the inauguration of Aragonès.

Hours before Aragonès, in an interview with Rac-1, Aragonès has revealed that messages have already been exchanged with the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, who hopes to call him “this week” and that “it would be logical” for the two presidents see before the dialogue table resumes. The starting point of his Govern is that “the political conflict can only be resolved with a referendum and amnesty.”

However, the new ‘president’ has added that pardons would be a good measure. “We propose the amnesty law. We will not oppose any proposal that alleviates the pain of the prisoners and their families, on the contrary.

The pardons would be a step forward, but that does not mean that there is a global solution that must be faced”, has assured. Aragonès plans to convene the national pact for self-determination and amnesty before the dialogue table with the Government is resumed.

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