Belgium Stops Vaccinating People Under 41 With Janssen

Belgium stops vaccinating people under 41 with Janssen after a woman dies from thrombus and platelet deficiency.

The Belgian Government has suspended this Wednesday vaccination with Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) serum against COVID-19 of those under 41 years of age after a woman has died after being immunized with this drug.

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“The Interministerial Conference on Public Health (CIM) has decided to temporarily administer the Janssen vaccine to the general population over 41 years of age , pending a more detailed analysis by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) of the risk relationship -benefit “, has informed the Belgian Government. At the moment, Johnson and Johnson has not commented.

The woman, who was less than 40 years old, died on May 21 , after being admitted to the hospital with a thrombus and a deficiency of platelets, according to the CIM and the Belgian Commissariat for the coronavirus in a statement. The deceased had been vaccinated by her foreign company, outside the Belgian vaccination campaign.

The CIM Ministers of Public Health have considered the case as “an important signal” and have asked the EMA for the concrete conclusions of the investigation on this case and on any similar report from other countries.

They have also asked if it would be possible to carry out an analysis on the benefits and risks of the Janssen vaccine based on age. According to Belgium, the authorities consider that the impact of this measure on the vaccination campaign will be “limited”.

Progress of the vaccination campaign
At the moment, people between the ages of 18 and 40 in Belgium will be given the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines (AstraZeneca is already limited to those 41 and over). Belgium Stops Vaccinating People Under 41 With Janssen

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Until now, Belgium had received around 40,000 Janssen vaccines and 80% of the injected doses have been received by people over 45 years of age.

Being a single-dose serum, it is largely received by the homeless or undocumented . The vaccine will continue to be injected into these groups, including those under 41 years of age.Belgium Stops Vaccinating People Under 41 With Janssen.

The Belgian soccer team was also going to be immunized with Janssen’s solution before the European Championship, but will finally be given the first dose of Pfizer before the championship.

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