Lukashenko Is Turning Belarus Into North Korea Of Europe

Svetlana Tikhanóvskaya: “Lukashenko is turning Belarus into North Korea of ​​Europe”. The leader of the Belarusian opposition charges against the president and ally of Vladimir Putin and asks the international community not to limit its response to the plane incident.

Alert to the European Parliament that the European Union’s pressure strategy has failed and says that it has only led to more impunity and massive repression.

The incident last Sunday when the Belarusian authorities forced a Ryanair airline plane to forcibly land in Minsk, during a flight between Athens (Greece) and Vilnius (Lithuania), to arrest two of the passengers – the journalist and opponent Roman Protasevich and his girlfriend, Sofia Sapega, have put the Alexander Lukashenko regime back in the spotlight of the international community.

As the opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanóvskaya denounced this Wednesday, the European pressure strategy has failed and “Lukashenko is turning Belarus into the North Korea of ​​Europe .”

Belarus closes the main independent news portal
Although with many connection problems, Tijanóvskaya appeared this Wednesday before the foreign committee of the European Parliament to assess an incident that confirms that the Belarusian president, elected at the beginning of August in a presidential election classified as fraudulent by the EU, has exceeded all the ” red lines ” and has become “a threat to international peace and security .”

According to the opposition party, since the elections the situation in the country has deteriorated to the point that ” lack of respect for human rights has become our daily bread for the regime.”

“Unpredictable and dangerous”
Furthermore, according to Tiktanovskaya, the European strategy of “watch and wait” has not worked either.

“The European strategy of pressure on the Lukashenko regime has not managed to change its behavior and has only led to greater impunity and massive repression,” he lamented before the MEPs, who he has asked that the reaction is not limited to the incident with Ryanair but rather give a global response because “Lukashenko is turning the country into the European North Korea, not transparent, unpredictable and dangerous,” he warned.

Russia comes to the rescue of its Belarusian ally after the diversion of the Ryanair plane
According to the opposition leader, the EU must not only publicly reiterate that it does not recognize Lukashenko – who has Russian President Vladimir Putin as his main ally – as president of Belarus, but that it should put in place a support plan democracy so that the opposition can send a clear message that it cares about the future of Belarus, as well as a plan of support for the independent media .

In addition, it also demands that the EU declare any contract and project that involves investments in the country to financially stifle the regime. “European friends, it is time to act, so do it!”

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