The Motion Of Censure Fails In The Czech Republic

The proposal only received 82 supports of the 101 it needed to overthrow the Government.The motion of censure fails in the Czech Republic.

The motion of censure against the Government of Andrej Babis , presented by the opposition in the Parliament of the Czech Republic, has failed this Thursday. Four months before the legislative elections, Prime Minister Andrej Babis, who governs in a coalition of the Alliance of Disgruntled Citizens (ANO) and the Czech Social Democratic Party (CSSD), has managed to face the motion of no confidence thanks to the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia (KSCM).

Faced with the third attempt by the opposition to overthrow the Executive, the KSCM deputies have left the plenary session of Parliament, prior to the vote on the motion, and its director, Vojtech Filip, has criticized the Babis government, but has also lashed out at the previous governments of the current opposition parties.

Filip has thus stated that his formation would not join the opposition to vote against the Executive, in which, he has assured, he does not trust, but has ruled out being part of “this theater.”

This has meant that there were not the 101 votes necessary for the motion of censure to have the green light, despite which the deputies of the Czech Parliament have held twelve hours of debate, after which 89 deputies have supported the Government and 82 have voted against him – with only 171 out of 200 members of Parliament voting.

In the framework of the debate, which has been marked by the upcoming elections, Babis has defended the results of the work of his Government before the motion proposal . “You want to overthrow the Government that has finally pressed for decent pensions. We value pensions in a thousand every year, you in a thousand in four years. You want to overthrow the Government that raised wages,” he has disfigured the opposition, reports the local media Idnes.

Due to being questioned by an alleged conflict of interest as the founder of a business conglomerate and embezzling with European funds, the Czech Prime Minister has assured that they have “no conflict of interest” and that he has “always complied with legal regulations “.

On the other hand, on the management of the pandemic as the reason for the motion, Babis has accused the opposition of “downplaying” the covid-19 “from the beginning” and of calling for the withdrawal and “sabotaging” the restrictive measures.

Deputies from five conservative and liberal political formations presented the motion of censure on Tuesday after accusing the Government of failing to manage the coronavirus pandemic. These five opposition parties have 68 deputies, which left the motion in the hands of the KSCM communists, who have 19 seats. The country’s president, Milos Zeman, for his part, had announced that, in any case, the Cabinet would remain in office until the elections scheduled for October are held.

According to a recent poll conducted by the Median agency, Babis’s party, the populist Alliance of Discontented Citizens, would come second in the upcoming elections with 23% of the votes, behind an alliance led by the Pirate Party and other opposition groups.

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