Generalitat Concentrates The Advertising Investment In The Godó Group

The Generalitat concentrates on the Godó Group the investment in institutional advertising. The media conglomerate such as ‘La Vanguardia’ or Rac1 entered in 2020 a total of 6.3 million euros of the 33.2 million euros allocated by the Catalan administration to informational or promotional campaigns.

Almost two out of every 10 euros that the Generalitat spends on advertising is received by the Godó Group; as reflected in the ‘Report of the Assessora Commission on Institutional Publicity’ from last year. The second medium with the most public money for advertising is the Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals ( CCMA ), with a total of 4.2 million euros, between TV-3, Catalunya Ràdio and its thematic stations.

The Generalitat increased its investment in institutional advertising by 14.4%, from 29 million in 2019 to 33.2 million euros in 2020. The increase in spending over the past year is explained by the incorporation of information campaigns and prevention against covid-19; that are added to other habitual ones, such as the promotion of the consumption of cultural goods or activities, tourism promotion, against sexist violence or environmental awareness; among others.

The institutional publicity of the Generalitat is decided by the secretariat of Difusió i Atenció Ciutadana, which was part in 2020 (during the previous legislature) of the Department of the Vice-presidency and d’Economia i Hisenda; managed by ERC . Final decisions and assignments are periodically evaluated at the Institutional Publicity Advisory Committee, in which there were also members of the Presidency department, controlled by the Boards during the last legislature.

By formats, in the written press the medium that receives the most resources is ‘La Vanguardia’, with a total of 2,648,987 euros allocated. It is followed by EL PERIÓDICO, with 1,541,436 euros. For its part, ‘ Ara ‘, adding the edition of the Balearic Islands, entered 589,144 euros; the ‘ Punt Avui ‘, 574,464 euros or the weekly newspaper ‘ El Quinze ‘ (owned by ‘Público’), 480,000 euros.

In more local press, there is the ‘ Diari de Tarragona ‘, with 182,516 euros, or the ‘ Diari de Girona ‘, with 115,321 euros. And among the sports press, there are the two reference media, ‘ Sport ‘, from Prensa Ibérica, with 174,162 euros, and ‘

Among the digital press , the funds destined for institutional advertising of the Generalitat are distributed somewhat more. The Godó Group receives 1.3 million euros (which includes all its media, from ‘La Vanguardia’ to ‘Rac1’).

Very close to that figure is the newspaper ‘ Ara ‘, which in the ‘online’ version receives 1.1 million euros. EL PERIÓDICO, for its part, receives almost half of this amount, with a total of 616,014 euros. Other digital media such as ‘ Naciodigital ‘ receive 607,761 euros; ‘ El Nacional ‘, 590,475 euros or ‘ Public ‘, 490,576 euros; among others.

And TV is TV-3 which has the largest advertising investment, with 3.4 million and well above any other station, as ‘ Mediaset ‘ (Tele5 or four), which received 234,098 euros, or ‘ Atresmedia ‘ (Antena 3 or La Sexta), with 130,853 euros.

The Generalitat also allocates part of its promotional resources to the management companies of social networks . Facebook and Instagram , for example, receive 541,797 euros; Youtube , 292,811 euros and Twitter , 173,068 euros.

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