FSIE Asks Spanish Government And CCAA To Maintain The Measures For Next Course

FSIE asks to maintain the measures, such as a distance of 1.5 meters

The FSIE union requests the Ministry of Education and FP and the autonomous communities, which will meet this Wednesday at the Education Sector Conference to address the measures for the next school year, to maintain the measures already agreed last May.

FSIE is in favor of the presence of teaching if the situation , depending on the criteria and decisions of the health authorities, allows it and applying in any case the maximum guarantees of safety for professionals and students.

Although vaccination is assuming an improvement, it is not being “enough” , according to the union, as it recalls that the incidence in some territories remains at “very high and worrying” figures generated by the new variants, large groups of citizens without vaccinate and relaxation in compliance with security measures. Thus, FSIE insists that it should not be considered that we are facing a course that can start “normally”.

In this sense, it considers that it is necessary to maintain the measures that have been effective the previous year , highlighting, among others: maintaining the distance at 1.5 meters and low ratios in the classrooms; bubble groups at certain ages; the use of mask and gel, cleaning, ventilation and disinfection of buildings; or eliminate numerous meetings of teachers or mass events.

In addition, they highlight others such as : adapted regulation and safety in the dining room service and extracurricular activities at the time they are put into operation; maintain the continuous working hours established on an exceptional basis until the incidence is very low and, throughout the course, the reinforcement of the COVID teaching staff; maintain measures related to workers at risk and pregnant women; and replacement from the first day of personnel with sick leave.

On the other hand, FSIE considers that the vaccination of all those over 12 years of age should be accelerated in order to have the majority of the educational community vaccinated as soon as possible. The union asks all administrations to make an effort to agree on criteria for action in similar situations, thus avoiding their diversity, since uncertainty and insecurity are generated in the educational community.

LOMLOE Curriculum
In another vein, FSIE recalls that the Ministry of Education and FP has transferred to the autonomous communities the drafts of the new school curriculum that should begin to be taught in the 2022-2023 academic year.

And he regrets that “the statements that have already been made so far assure a new confrontation that has been the common trend in everything that has to do with the Celaá Law,” the Education Law, the LOMLOE.

Therefore, FSIE calls for an open and calm debate with all representatives of the educational community within the framework of the sector tables of concerted and public education and in the State School Council, in order to be able to reach the maximum possible consensus on a basic and compulsory curriculum that avoids increasing territorial differences, contributes stability to the educational system and gets the teachers involved in its application.

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