Japan To Donate Four Libraries In Rural Areas Of Colombia

Four municipalities in the country received good news on October 5: the construction of new public libraries. The benefited territories will be Cajibío, in Cauca; La Palma, in Cundinamarca; San Lorenzo, in Nariño; and Santo Domingo in Antioquia. The new structures will be financed by the Government of Japan, which teamed up with the national and local governments to carry out the project.

The Ministry of Culture (MinCultura) will be the government agency in charge of leading this strategy. It is assured that these new libraries will bring important benefits for the municipalities of Cajibío, La Palma, San Lorenzo and Santo Domingo, since they will favor the generation of processes of innovation, connectivity and inclusion through culture.

It was detailed that the creation of libraries, together with the Embassy of Japan, is part of the cooperation strategy led by MinCultura with the aim of consolidating alliances for the benefit of the protection and promotion of the country’s culture. This initiative is supported by the National Library of Colombia and the team of the National Network of Public Libraries.

No exact dates were given for the start of the works, but according to the Ministry of Culture, they are expected to begin in a few months. The goal is to accelerate the process so that the four beneficiary municipalities begin to transform themselves into “true centers of education and promotion of reading.”

For its part, the Embassy of Japan in Colombia stressed that with this support it intends to support access to reading and research in many communities. In this sense, it was pointed out that, for example, in San Lorenzo more than 18,500 people will benefit and in Santo Domingo the training of inhabitants of 47 villages and five townships will be supported.

It is worth mentioning that from August 2018 to today, the Government of Japan has donated the infrastructure of 16 libraries, with an investment of more than $ 3.8 billion. It is ensured that this is carried out in order to “contribute to the cohesion of the social fabric, to the integration of the inhabitants around the knowledge and progress of the regions”.

For this reason, the Japanese ambassador to the country, Keiichiro Morishita, received this Tuesday recognition of his leadership from the Colombian Government. MinCultura highlights that the official has contributed to promoting the expansion and qualification of library services throughout the national territory.

“Thanks to his efforts and leadership, today, thousands of Colombians have the possibility of accessing consultation and education centers where they can participate in inclusive cultural and artistic processes.

From the Ministry of Culture we deeply appreciate the social transformation that you as an ambassador have helped us to carry out in our country, bringing hope through the arts and helping us to strengthen the institutional presence throughout the national geography “, Minister Mayolo pointed out.

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