Why Scorum is going to fail?

Scorum will survive and work, but it will not reach success and therefore ambitions will be implemented only on paper. They have already raised money during the ICO  and this money can help them to work during the next 10-20 months after the public release, but what will happen then? Free Falling. I like Scorum […]

Why Twitter, Facebook, and Google banned crypto ads? 

In the mind of each user who made the decision to invest money in iso (that scams investors in the end) after the promoted post by Google or Twitter, or Facebook, only the company will be guilty of losing money. This is not the best situation for the public companies. Google, Twitter, and Facebook will […]

Moscow students robbed of $123.700 meant to buy Bitcoin

Young adults were carrying almost 7 million rubles ($123.700) in a car in Moscow that they were going to use to buy Bitcoin, when they got robbed, RBC was told by the Interior Ministry. The crime was reported early on January 22. The robbery took place near 6, 1st Sestroretskaya Street. “It has been established that at […]

RentBerry. The most successful ICO in the world?

Ukrainian online-platform where you can rent flat or house raised $30m. during the ICO. Company was supported by 17 591 investors from 136 countries. During the first day of the ICO (5.12.2017) company raised about $3m, in the end of the February company closed their ICO. “Working product and a lot of of transactions during […]