Customer Bought a £7k Diamond Ring on

Today, people can shop at any time of the day when buying things online. According to the annual report by John Lewis Retail that studies how customers shop, the diamond ring for £6,995 was bought from the website of the company at 1 in the morning. The report states that diamond purchases are especially common during the night hours.

Even though, this engagement ring is the most expensive item bought at 1 in the morning from the retailer last year, one customer purchased a summerhouse for £7k at midnight while another spent £5,000 for a sewing machine.

On average, about 9,000 orders are made on every night. The report also talks about how people shop on mobile devices. Mobile shopping is a norm today. In 2014, a quarter of traffic came from mobile devices. Today, this number is over a third.

New Tove Collection from Hargreaves Stockholm

A fine jewelry brand from Sweden, Hargreaves Stockholm, presented its new line called Tove. The debut of the collection was at London Fashion Week.

The line was invigorated by the rich Scandinavian and Viking heritage. Tove Jansson, the founder of the indicative Moomins characters was the main source of inspiration for the creation of the range.

In the collection, customers will find extravagant rings, scripted earrings, and large pendants. The line features round motifs of Talisman linked with iterant traceries of engraved triangles. The main accent is represented by alexandrite, blue sapphires, and green tourmalines. The pieces are paved with white diamonds.

The studios of the brand are located in London and Stockholm. It gets sources from a certified smelting-house in the UK. Every item of the line is designed with the combination of ecologically produced gold and silver as well as solar, non-mined diamonds and other gemstones. The pieces are packed in recycled packages made of cork that are manufactured by order.

The price for the line’s items starts at £475 for the silver line, £3,225 for the gold line, and £8,115 for the gold and diamond line.

Thor-Themed Jewelry Collection from Logan Hollowell Is Out

Logan Hollowell, a jewelry designer, has partnered with Marvel to create a Thor-themed collection that was inspired by the upcoming film with Cate Blanchett and Chris Hemsworth.

The collection includes earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces handcrafted in Los Angeles. The designs are manufactured with gold and gold-covered alloys, featuring semiprecious and precious stones. According to the brand’s representatives, the designs were inspired by characters and divine themes present in the film.

The collection reflects two main trends in the industry – divine-themes trinkets and armor-as-jewelry.

The retail prices for the line are from $125 to $1,700. The jewelry is available only online.

Valkyrie Wing Pendant for $170
Valkyrie Wing Pendant for $170


Hela Green Agate Ursa Major necklace for $250
Hela Green Agate Ursa Major necklace for $250


Loki Horn Pendant with moonstone star charm for $165
Loki Horn Pendant with moonstone star charm for $165

Thomas Sabo Unveiled a Dragon-Inspired Line

Jewellery brand, Thomas Sabo, has presented its new jewelry collection called Dragon Nights.

The collection will appeal to an extraordinary buyer who likes to purchase sophisticated jewelry pieces. The price range of Dragon Nights is on a higher side. It includes a Chinese dragon pendant, the retail cost of which is at £1,198. It takes 20 hours to handcraft the piece that has proved to be a hit of the collection.

The high-quality range features twisted patterns and dragon heads. It demonstrates how close the contemporary jewelry is with the mythology of Far East.

The dragon symbolizes happiness and the shou sign – long life. These two elements are main heroes of the collection.

Each piece has been manufactured in sterling silver. Some of the pieces include 18 ct rose-gold covering. The designs are intense in color due to the stone adorning. Enamel encrustation has been applied to every item with the use of traditional techniques.

The creative director of the brand emphasized that Dragon Nights represent a link between modern designs and historical symbols of Asia.

Timeless Range from Domino Right in Time for Christmas

Jewellery manufacturer, Domino, has presented its new Timeless line, which belongs to the Anthology collection. The launch of the line is timed to the holiday season.

The line includes four sets of diamond hoop earrings, four bracelets, and two necklaces. All the components of the line can be purchased in 18 carat white gold. The classic style makes the pieces a perfect option for purchase both separately or as part of a set. Retail costs are from £900 to £7,700.

The line was manufactured applying round brilliant HSi1 diamonds, which covers various carat weights and price ranges making it possible for the customers to select what they like.

The minimum carat weight is from 0.15 ct to 0.40 ct for earrings; from 0.50 ct to 3.00 ct for bracelets; from 1.70 ct to 2.50 ct for necklaces.

According to the marketing coordinator at the company, this line is a an essential element for retailers not only for Christmas but also for other occasions. The line’s classic style and the design quality make it a great staple that has universal and timeless appeal.

Mix-and-Match Collection Debut from Forevermark

Forevermark has presented a new collection of elegant and short-cut jewelry pieces for the 2017 holiday season. Every piece of the collection is designed to smoothly mix and match with each other.

The collection is comprised of eight distinguishing styles of diamond stack rings, three chain necklaces with an in-line diamond (in differently shaped facets), and a couple of chain-dropped earrings featuring round and oval diamonds.

The weight of the diamond begins at 0.1 carats. The metal choices include yellow, white, and rose gold.

According to the representatives of the company, the ideas for the collection came from the research they did on women and from learning that both women and men felt that women needed to be celebrated. The different shapes and colors represent various female characteristics.

The brand created a marketing campaign that would run through the 2017 holiday season. There will be TV commercials, print ads, as well as digital and social content.

The TV commercial was filmed in Toronto and featured a cover of the Fatboy Slim song. Print ads will start running in November and will be present in Q4 issues and other publications that target male and female consumers.

Jane Fonda in a $1.75 Million Necklace at the Emmys

During the 69th Emmys, Jane Fonda impressed everyone not only with her speech against President Donald Trump but also with a kit of jewelry that is cost millions of dollars.

Fonda, who is 79, was wearing a diamond and emerald jewelry estimated at $2.4 million and designed by Gismondi 1754. The necklace had more than 152 carats and was worth $1.75 by itself. It was adorning the back of the actress. The earrings were of 40 carats. Also, Fonda wore an emerald ring of 10 carats.

It took 600 hours and the craftsmanship of 10 jewellers in Italy to create this jewelry kit. The set came from Genoa on the day of the Emmys.

This year, Fonda received a nomination for her part on Grace and Frankie from Netflix. Even though she didn’t win, she impressed everybody with her speech against Donald Trump.

Fonda didn’t pay for her expensive decoration. As it often happens at award shows, designers dress celebrities and the latter can be paid to wear the outfits and accessories to demonstrate them to the public. Such events are used to the jewellers advantage. The fact that Fonda wore the jewelry set made the brand more popular.

John Hardy “Made for Legends” Campaign Starring Julianne Moore

A new collection of jewelry from John Hardy called “Made for Legends” is focused on female self-empowerment. The campaign stars Julianne Moore, a creative director, and Adwoa Aboah, the founder of Gurls Talk. The project aims to empower all women promoting open dialogue about their problems.

According to the CEO of John Hardy, it is an honor for John Hardy to work with these women because they are models for everyone else and inspire women to be courageous.

The collection reflects the Balinese community and all the work they put in to create these beautiful pieces. We should remember where the jewelry comes from and carry this message.

The jewelry is hand-crafted and unique. The campaign also promotes an idea of women purchasing jewelry for themselves rather than waiting for men to gift it to them.

The campaign was inspired by John Hardy’s wife. She inspired the jeweler with her legacy and spirit.

“Made for Legends” was shot last summer. It shows the female individuality and the duality of feminine vulnerability and strength they have.

ALROSA to auction large rough diamonds in Vladivostok this October

ALROSA will hold an international auction for the sale of special size rough diamonds of 10.8+ carats in the Eurasian Diamond Centre in Vladivostok from October 16 to 27, 2017.

The Company is putting for sale 72 gem-quality lots with the total weight of 1,170 carats, the largest one weighs 47.55 carats. All the auctioned stones were mined from the deposits of PJSC ALROSA, and its subsidiaries – JSC Almazy Anabara and PJSC ALROSA-Nyurba.

A total of 67 companies from Belgium, India, Israel, China and the USA applied for the auction. The United Selling Organization (USO) ALROSA and ALROSA branch in Vladivostok are the organizers of the auction. The results of the auction will be summed up on October 30.


The United Selling Organization ALROSA is in charge of sorting, preliminary valuation, pre-sale preparation and sales of all ALROSA’s rough diamonds.

ALROSA branch in Vladivostok was established in 2016 by the decision of the Company’s Supervisory Board with the purpose of development of the Eurasian Diamond Centre in the territory of the Free Port of Vladivostok. The branch sold the first rough diamonds at the EDC in August-September last year. Apart from increasing ALROSA’s sales, the branch is responsible for developing regional coverage, and expanding cooperation with clients from Asia-Pacific.


De Beers to Verify Diamond Investment Product

De Beers has partnered with the Singapore Diamond Mint Company (SDM) to provide verification services that confirm the natural origins of diamonds being used for a new investment-grade product.

Under the agreement, the International Institute of Diamond Grading & Research (IIDGR), a subsidiary of De Beers, will inscribe a unique identification number on the tables of each diamond used in the SDM Diamond Bullion, which is listed on the Singapore Diamond Investment Exchange (SDiX).

Once inscribed, the diamond is transferred to the bullion where the IIDGR verifies that it meets the necessary product specifications. Only then is the diamond traded on the exchange.

“The unique inscription that IIDGR places on every diamond inside the diamond bullion allows all of the diamonds to be tracked and verified, providing investors with the highest level of confidence in this revolutionary new diamond investment product,” said Alain Vandenborre, founder and executive chairman of SDiX, and director of SDM.