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The fuss around the elections desperately resembles the vibe markets in the nineties were famous for. No, not those places that are called markets these days, for example, in the capital – where expensively dressed people lined up for soup of pho bo, where shop windows shine, and shop assistants have beautiful uniform robes on. […]

Net neutrality revival needs one more vote in Senate to pass

A Democrat-backed Senate bill aimed at restoring net neutrality after a “misguided” repeal by the FCC only needs one vote from the GOP to pass. Meanwhile, 22 states have filed suit against the federal agency. The measure introduced Tuesday by Senator Ed Markey (D-Massachusetts) would block the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) December repeal of net […]

Hijacking children’s brains: The era of ‘Digital Addiction’

Opioid addiction has become so widespread in the U.S. that last August President Trump declared it to be a national emergency. “Digital Addiction” may not be as serious as opioid addiction YET; however, the outcry and accusations made by Apple investors and former tech employees seems eerily similar to what has been reported as contributing […]

Raging cop who likes to choke people for no reason caught on tape

Multiple videos have surfaced online showing an officer with the New York Police Department violently shoving and choking protesters during a demonstration in protest of the detainment of an immigration rights activist. One Twitter user posted a video compiling cell phone footage from bystanders that shows the officer walking up to two different individuals who […]

What you feed your kids affects their IQ

The more of the foods they consumed, the higher their IQs. A diet low in sugars, fats and processed foods consumed at a young age may increase your intelligence, research finds. Children under 3-years-old fed diets that are packed full of nutrients and vitamins have higher IQs. The more healthily they eat, the higher their […]

New largest prime number discovered

If you have a whole lot of free time, you might be able to type out the largest known prime number. The newly found number has 23,249,425 digits, nearly one million digits more than the previous record holder, discovered a year ago. Here comes the math: the new prime number is calculated by multiplying together […]

Study shows which books you read to your baby matters

Parents often receive books at pediatric checkups via programs like Reach Out and Read and hear from a variety of health professionals and educators that reading to their kids is critical for supporting development. The pro-reading message is getting through to parents, who recognize that it’s an important habit. A summary report by Child Trends, […]