Behind the Headlines: U.S. Republic Goes Bananas: Rats Fleeing the Sinking Ship as U.S. Democracy Unravels

Hillary Clinton has been officially outed as having rigged the Democratic primary so that she would win. She was therefore ineligible as a presidential candidate, yet the deep state media continues to cover this up and insists on focusing on the “Russia collusion” non-story. The situation is so farcical that it’s fair to say that […]

Critical for survival: Researchers discover brain circuitry essential for alertness and vigilance

Using a molecular method likely to become widely adopted by the field, researchers supported by the National Institutes of Health have discovered brain circuitry essential for alertness, or vigilance – and for brain states more generally. Strikingly, the same cell types and circuits are engaged during alertness in zebra fish and mice, species whose evolutionary […]

Is Netanyahu pushing Trump to war with Iran?

Can Generals James Mattis (US Secretary of Defense) and John Hyten (Head of US Strategic Command) Prevent a Disaster? Introduction Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Presidents of the 52 Major Jewish American Organizations are leading President Trump, like a puppy on a leash, into a major war with Iran. The hysterical ’52 Presidents’ […]

The Alzheimer’s antidote: using a low-carb, high-fat diet to fight Alzheimer’s disease, memory loss, and cognitive decline

What exactly is meant when Alzheimer’s disease is referred to as Type 3 diabetes? Amy Berger answers this question in her book The Alzheimer’s Antidote where she has synthesized what we know about Alzheimer’s disease (AD) to lead us closer to the cause: a fuel shortage in the brain. How and why this occurs is […]

Tymoshenko insists on investigation into Poroshenko’s dealings after release of Paradise Papers

“When our military got into the cauldron and they were getting killed in direct fire, that’s when Poroshenko and his entourage, as can be seen from this journalistic investigation, were opening offshore companies for money laundering.” “This was done so that the state budget of Ukraine would not get a penny from Roshen Corporation and […]

Five new asteroids found orbiting belt between Mars and Jupiter

Five previously unknown asteroids in our solar system have photobombed new Hubble Space Telescope images. Astronomers spotted the space rocks – plus another two that had been previously cataloged – in images collected as part of the Frontier Fields project, which observed six clusters of galaxies billions of light-years away. When multiple exposures obtained at […]

Vietnam typhoon death toll rises to 61 ahead of Apec summit

At least 61 people have died after Typhoon Damrey tore through central Vietnam, disaster officials said yesterday, as heavy flooding cast doubt on a planned retreat for Apec leaders’ spouses at the ancient town of Hoi An. The weather system hit just days before Vietnam welcomes world leaders to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) summit […]

How the North Russian regions adapt to permafrost

Scientists have developed technologies to strengthen the soil and selected plants, which may decorate the extreme North’s regions Permafrost causes certain problems and inconveniences in development of soil and use of its deposits, but Russian scientists and engineers adapt projects to those severe conditions. For example, specialists in St. Petersburg suggest adding pine resin into […]

Sick! Cosmo magazine pushes incest

Just a little over a week after it said white girls were forbidden to wear Princess Moana costumes for Halloween, Cosmo managed to out-ridiculous itself by normalizing incest. If you think Cosmo couldn’t top its already off-the-charts insanity, then brace yourself, because things are going to get really gross… even by Cosmo standards. The recent […]