Lukashenko shocked Silicon Valley with his bitcoin-decision?

“It’s the best decision from Lukashenko that i have ever seen. It’s a big move from ex-soviet Belarus to the copy of Silicon Valley in Belarus. I agree with other experts who say that Belarus now is the best opportunity for bitcoin-investors from Asia and Eastern Europe. I have no idea why investors from Israel and US will invest money in Belarus, but i’m sure that Belarus will see a lot of new asian investors near the border”, said Vsevolod Neseterenko.

“In CIS countries we heard about convertible note, shareholders agreement, option stock, indemnity, representations & warranties but only in Belarus it-community will understand how it’s works in real life. And it’s another big move from Belarus to Investors.”

“I hope that this example will change situation in Ukraine, Russian and other countries where we can find a lot of talents and interesting startups but can’t invest because of curruption and law.”

Official: Belarus legalized Crypto-mining

President of the Republic of Belarus signed a special document that legalized crypto-mining in Belarus.

“Belarus will be the next centre of the crypto-technology during the next few years and this is our main goal. We want to make comfortable conditions for owners, miners and developers of crypto technologies. We create special tax-free mode for all business that links with crypto market and hosts in Belarus”, said Lukashenko in his interview to the local journalists.

“Belarus must go in one way with the innovations. We have local experts and talents who understand how they can create from Belarus new capital of the crypto-market. We legalized smart contracts, we legalized bitcoin and other blockchain technologies”

“All new rules will work for the next 32 years and i hope we will win this crypto-battle for Belarus.”