Mine or not to mine bitcoins in the USA?

CESCO published their latest report about cost of the bitcoin mining in the USA.

In the report experts of the agency analyzed  cost of electricity by the states and identified that Louisiana is the most comfortable state for mining because of the low electricity bills.


In Louisiana the price of every Bitcion that will be mined in your home will cost you for an $3224, the next states is Iowa ($3289), Washington ($3909), Tennessee ($3443), Arkansas ($3505). The highest cost of the bitcoin mining will be in Hawai ($9.483), Alaska ($7059).

Official: Belarus legalized Crypto-mining

President of the Republic of Belarus signed a special document that legalized crypto-mining in Belarus.

“Belarus will be the next centre of the crypto-technology during the next few years and this is our main goal. We want to make comfortable conditions for owners, miners and developers of crypto technologies. We create special tax-free mode for all business that links with crypto market and hosts in Belarus”, said Lukashenko in his interview to the local journalists.

“Belarus must go in one way with the innovations. We have local experts and talents who understand how they can create from Belarus new capital of the crypto-market. We legalized smart contracts, we legalized bitcoin and other blockchain technologies”

“All new rules will work for the next 32 years and i hope we will win this crypto-battle for Belarus.”