Ukrainian expert predicted the falling value of Bitcoin?

Ukrainian bitcoin-expert Andrey Nikishaev predicted falling of Bitcoin that started few days ago and is falling down now. He made two screens where he try to explain why pro-traders were ready for the falling value and why only newbie-traders lost their money today on BTC.

“Bitcoin will falling down for the next few days and it is not the lowest price of the BTC now. So keep waiting and than buy BTC. It’s not the first and it is not the last falling for BTC.”

When the followers ask him for advice, he just posted two screens with his own arguments as a tip.



Russian expert in blockchain from Exmo llp was kidnapped in Ukraine?

Pavel Lerner is the most famous blockchain expert in Russia. He was kidnapped in the center of Kiev today in the morning Lerner works as a researcher in Exmo LLP (one of the largest online coin market in the world).

4 guys in black blocked Pavel near the office by a van and kidnapped him, also they took his notebook and documents from the car.

Since October 2014 Pavel Lener lives in Ukraine and share his knowledge with local fintech startups.

Tymoshenko insists on investigation into Poroshenko’s dealings after release of Paradise Papers

“When our military got into the cauldron and they were getting killed in direct fire, that’s when Poroshenko and his entourage, as can be seen from this journalistic investigation, were opening offshore companies for money laundering.”

“This was done so that the state budget of Ukraine would not get a penny from Roshen Corporation and other assets of the president,” the press service of the Fatherland said.

According to her [Tymoshenko], the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU), the Prosecutor General’s Office, and the special anti-corruption prosecutor must deal with the investigation.

Earlier, in the Verkhovna Rada, Tymoshenko demanded to hear from President Poroshenko about documents published by the International Consortium of Journalistic Investigations on the creation of an offshore company to minimize taxes.