Donald Trump introduced a speacial crypto-tax

From the 1 of January in the United States makers of crypto-transactions and owners of crypto-mining will pay special tax.

Trump want to make few changes in the 1031(a) act that helps US citizens during the last years to make tax-free operations with art and real estate. Since the 2014 bitcoin-owners must pay tax when they exchange bitcoins to US dollars. Also, they must pay from 10% to 37% for the bitcoins that they will own less than a year.

With new rules every crypto-transaction will be taxed.

But, How to control anonymous payments? We don’t know. What can you say Mr.Trump?

Mine or not to mine bitcoins in the USA?

CESCO published their latest report about cost of the bitcoin mining in the USA.

In the report experts of the agency analyzed  cost of electricity by the states and identified that Louisiana is the most comfortable state for mining because of the low electricity bills.


In Louisiana the price of every Bitcion that will be mined in your home will cost you for an $3224, the next states is Iowa ($3289), Washington ($3909), Tennessee ($3443), Arkansas ($3505). The highest cost of the bitcoin mining will be in Hawai ($9.483), Alaska ($7059).

What do Americans’ ghost stories actually tell us?

“Did you just see something in the window?” he asked. She felt a chill.

They saw her only once. That was before Linda Roberts-Antinoro and her husband, Mike Antinoro, had moved into the historic stone house surrounded by sloping hills and a scenic stream.

As they visited the Baltimore County property on a blustery afternoon in January 1990 and stood gazing at the locked and empty home, they noticed a shadowy figure in the window above the front door.

Linda didn’t say anything. Her husband was a New York City firefighter, a no-nonsense type of guy. It’s probably just reflections of trees, Linda told herself. But then Mike turned to her, perplexed: “Did you just see something in the window?” She felt a chill.

During the more than 25 years they lived there, they grew accustomed to the occasional sound of footsteps above them when no one was upstairs, or the inexplicable relocation of a candle from the fireplace mantel to other corners of the room.

And – well, that’s the whole story. Linda and Mike never actually saw their ghost again.