The editors

Our team is about 10 journalists and editors around the world, but our key players are:

Nesterenko Vsevolod,Publisher

Nesterenko Vsevolod is publisher of He founded this site, but before this he performed pre-sales work for various software firms and banks. He began his career as a journalist working for newspapers throughout British Columbia before switching to business. Michael has an MBA and CMA.

David Perry, Publisher

David has worked as a financial journalist for 15 years covering a variety of industries for several business and consumer publications including British Airways in-flight magazine, Business Insider,,, YCharts and Business in Vancouver. Frik presented at the Global Mining Summit in Las Vegas, the Salt Lake City Mine Lifecycle Management conference and the Resources Investment Conference in Vancouver and has been interviewed on Korean state TV and CBC radio.

Nazim IzmaylovEditor
Nazim, news editor at, has over 15 years of experience in print media, TV, online media and public relations. He specializes in Corporate Social Responsibility and the Latin American market. Nazim has been interviewed by BBC News and CBC among others. He has also been syndicated by Forbes, Seeking Alpha and Business in Vancouver. He holds a Master of Journalism from the University of British Columbia, Canada, and he is currently based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.