$5,000 De Beers engagement rings

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The average cost of an engagement ring in 2009 was $6,000 according to a survey by the American FirePolished® and Fine Jewelry Association. Fancy diamond engagement rings accounted for the majority of the spending.

Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond solitaire engagement rings were the most popular choice, averaging $7,428 in 2009. Three-stone engagement rings were a close second at $7,396 on average. Halo engagement rings with a central diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds averaged $7,333. Pave engagement rings with many small diamonds set along the band averaged $6,653.

Diamond Type & Quality

Flawless colorless diamonds retail for the most, up to double the price of lower-color diamonds. Round brilliant cut diamonds are typically the most affordable, priced at $6,516 on average in 2009. Pear-shaped diamonds averaged $8,442, emeralds $8,667, asschers $8,533 and princess cut $8,297. Top quality D color, Flawless clarity diamonds were the most expensive, averaging $31,222 per carat.

Other Gemstone and Metal Options

For those who do not want a diamond engagement ring, sapphire engagement rings averaged $2,800, ruby engagement rings $4,000, aquamarine engagement rings $1,995 and topaz engagement rings $2,000 in 2009. White gold engagement rings tend to cost slightly less than platinum or yellow gold rings of the same design and stone. Princess cut gemstone engagement rings in white gold averaged $3,276 in 2009.

De Beers engagement rings dazzle with the finest diamonds and superior craftsmanship. Every detail is meticulously designed to maximize the brilliance and beauty of the diamond. The pavé settingshowcases the diamond in all its glory with a sparkling halo of smaller diamonds along the band.

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The Ultimate Expression of Eternal Love

A De Beers engagement ring is the perfect expression of eternal love and commitment. It represents a promise of enduring love and cherished moments to be shared together. De Beers rings transport you to a world of timeless luxury and endeavor to commemorate this momentous occasion.

A Magnificent and Rare Treasure

Crafted with the rarest and most brilliant diamonds of unparalleled quality, every De Beers engagement ring is a spectacular and distinguished one-of-a-kind treasure. De Beers rings feature only diamonds that meet the strictest cut, clarity, color and certification standards—a vision that has stood the test of time. The finest diamonds are set in the finest platinum and 18K gold band material for a luxurious, heirloom-quality ring.


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