10 sightholders provisionally qualify for new DTC contract

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10 sightholders provisionally qualify for new DTC contract

Ten sightholders have provisionally been awarded new contracts under the Diamond Trading Company (DTC) certification scheme.

The new sightholders have met the required criteria under Diamond Trading Company’s revised selection process. The process focused on assessments of anti-money laundering compliance, adherence to the Kimberley Process, and overall financial stability.

The 10 provisionally selected sightholders include Dalian Wanda Group, Chow Sang Sang, International Diamond Center, Fura Gems & Precious Metals Inc., Argyle Diamonds, Temora Diamonds, Antwerp World Diamond Centre, DAVO, DFC, and Chi Hin Group.

These sightholders will now progress to the final contracting stage which involves an audit of their operations to ensure they meet DTC’s standards before being awarded official certification.

DTC’s CEO, Andrew Robb, said: “DTC is delighted to provisionally select 10 outstanding sightholders to become part of our prestigious certification family. We look forward to working with them to raise industry standards and promote the highest possible ethical values in the global diamond trade.”

DTC’s new selection process was launched earlier this year following an independent review of the company’s contracting policies. The revised policies aim to strengthen DTC’s leadership position in responsible and ethical diamond sourcing.



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